Awhi mai

We know it’s hard to sit by and not know what to do to help our whānau that are being threatened. Our goal here is to provide calls to action that provide safe, productive ways for the community to support Tiriti justice and human rights workers and the work that they do.

Want to koha to the cause?

With a lack of response from NZ Police and other NZ Government agencies, we’re asking our communities to help us. These funds will help provide safety and support to the individuals and their whānau that have had direct death threats and are undergoing prolonged campaigns of digital harassment.

Want to share your support?

Stop by our media page to pick up graphics you can share on social media

Want to support our collective declaration?

We have produced a declaration on what actions we want the NZ Government to take. These are key areas that will help protect those fighting for Tiriti justice and human rights.

Get involved in legislative change

The New Zealand government is carrying out numerous processes to improve hate speech laws and address racism. Stop by this page for further information and links to send in your submission

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Martin Luther King