The Manaaki Collective

Supporting safe spaces for racial, social, environmental and Tiriti justice.

The Manaaki Collective is a community of support for marginalised voices in the pursuit of human rights and Treaty justice in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We stand for:

  • Freedom from harassment, intimidation and threats of violence by people promoting far-right ideologies to adversely impact Asian, Black, Migrant, Muslim, Pasifika and other minority communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.
  • Liberation from the false narratives that support white supremacist ideologies (great replacement theory, faux “antiwhite” oppression, denial of Indigeneity).
  • Protection of Treaty justice workers, and in particular the protection of Wāhine Māori and Tamariki Māori.
  • State and United Nations (UN) responsibility for ensuring the safety of marginalised groups such as Māori, Muslim and LGBTQIA+ community from targeted hate campaigns.

We believe in an Aotearoa where safe discussions and work can take place towards Tiriti justice, racial justice, environmental justice and social justice. We have come together out of concern for the safety of campaigners and rights defenders, and the lack of protection that they are receiving from our government to carry out the vital human rights work for our nation to progress towards our vision of an equitable, just, safe, Tiriti-centered nation.

“Mehemea ka moemoeā ahau, ko ahau anake. Mehemea ka moemoeā tātou. Ka taea e tātou.”

“If I dream, I dream alone. If we dream as a collective, we can achieve our dream.”

Te Puea Herangi